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The contract on care of a tomb

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Since December, 1st 2008 on St.-Petersburg cemeteries is put into operation new service of the conclusion of the Contract on care of burial place.
Each interested person can address to cemetery administration for the conclusion of the contract.
The contract on care of a tombThe cemetery administration makes out the Contract at presence of the original state (stamp) certificate on death with a mark about burial place, specified on the back.
Services under the care of a place of a burial place under including:
- Cleaning a burial place and paths for pass to it from a snow;
- Cleaning a burial place from foliage, branches, dust, old colors, wreaths;
- A hairstyle of bushes on a burial place;
- Clearing and painting of monument;
- Addition a fertile ground in a bowl and a flower bed;
- Addition a granite crumb to a burial place;
- Decoration a burial place by artificial wreaths, colors, sprouts;
- Other services.
The contract can be concluded for non-stop service and also for accomplishment of burial place by memorable days.
The cemetery expert and the customer define the list of services at an output to burial place. The cemetery expert makes photofixing of burial place, discusses the schedule of works with the customer and makes out the Contract.
The Contract consists within December, 31st of current year.
Upon termination of a calendar year the contract can be prolonged.
For reception of fuller information about the Contract on care of burial place it is necessary to address cemetery administration or to call Association by phone in St.-Petersburg: 713-16-06.
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